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Problems in opening Honda Round
Posted On: 27 May 2008 - 15:57
The first round of the Honda 4 stroke series ran in to problems over the weekend. Due to increased entries a new format was tried bu ultimatly this lead to confusion amongst many teams. This coupled with bad weather took the shine off the start of the season.

The event organisers were concerned over the size of the fleet taking part so on the grounds of safety the fleet was split. This caused much confusion which seems to have carried over into the reports on the official F4SA website.

On Sunday the famous British Summer came in to play and the 225HP event was cancelled due to high winds. Some racing did take place with the 150HP race completed in two separate races over a reduced course.

We will try to clarify the results with the F4SA over the next few days and we hope that the race format is fixed before the next race in Plymouth.

To us it seems unfair to split up the field with no real method used. Maybe the series needs to consider a qualifying system to decide who runs in which race; or alternativly cap the number of entrants.

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